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Delivering video to your viewers – wherever they are, on whatever device they are using – is difficult. The source content must be good. The many different formats and bit rates and format variants must be prepared and published properly. And then your viewers have to get to the content across the networks; the internet, CDNs, transit/exchanges, fixed/mobile ISP networks, and local wifi. And across those networks, your video is just a bunch of bits mixed with a tidal wave of email, web pages, VoIP, video, whatever. Data. As a video provider, your ability to manage your video quality in this OTT environment can seem impossible. It isn’t.

IneoQuest’s operational intelligence solutions for adaptive bitrate (ABR) video puts control back in your hands. From validating the content to checking the availability and playback quality from ISPs and CDNs, our FoQus™ Platform solutions go beyond merely detecting and reporting problems. They allow you to pinpoint where those problems originate, so that you can quickly diagnose and fix them, often before your viewers even notice. The system easily pays for itself through reduced OPEX, customer support costs, and higher viewer satisfaction, engagement, and retention. Whether you monetize through subscription, transaction, or advertising, the operational intelligence provided by iQ solutions will give you the knowledge you need to drive your video business. The FoQus Platform solution for ABR Operational Intelligence begins with the acquisition elements that gather metrics from the critical points along your video distribution chain.

Inspector LIVE validates your content quality at the head end of your system. It first makes sure that the incoming live/linear video stream meets your quality requirements, then scores your encoder/transcoder output from 1-5 using IneoQuest’s exclusive iQMOS non-reference based QoE scoring algorithm. Inspector also checks for proper encoder boundary point demarcation, closed captioning and CALM act compliance, and a variety of other tests for quality verification. Inspector also performs QoS monitoring on the output, to verify that the encoder is not bursting packets in a way that could cause downstream buffering, latency, or loss problems.

iQDialogue ASM taps into network connections that are carrying high volumes of video traffic, and monitors ALL of the video traffic passing by, correlating it by programs and sessions and measuring server and network performance. It is a perfect solution for checking your video content’s packaging and publishing functions. It also checks origin server performance, leveraging IneoQuest’s patented VeriStream™ metric, to ensure that all content requests are served with the appropriate Quality of Service (QoS). This combined PASSIVE + ACTIVE acquisition element provides maximum monitoring coverage for critical infrastructure.

Surveyor ABR Active provides content availability and network performance (QoS) testing by acting as your most critical viewers. Each Surveyor ABR Active element comprises 50 to 500 synthetic agents, which each act as “simulated viewers”. Agents can request any content in any or all bit rates and formats of your choosing, check availability and QoS, and either remain on those streams, or rotate to others. This ACTIVE solution allows you to test every bitrate variant of every video asset in your care, whether VoD, Live, or Linear. And you can set the amount of attention given to any stream based on how often and how long you test it. This allows you to align your test cost to your asset values– a truly customizable solution. Surveyor ABR Active elements can be deployed across your distribution infrastructure – before and after your CDNs, at different Access/ ISP networks, across geographic locations- to identify if each video asset is good – and when/where it is not.

While the Acquisition elements gather data, the iQ Engines collect it, correlate it, and present it to you in ways that provide knowledge and insight. There are multiple iQ Engines designed for different tasks.

The Intelligent Video Management System for Adaptive Streaming engine – iVMS® ASM – provides a comprehensive, real-time view into the health of your adaptive streaming video services. It gathers data acquisition element data, performs program-level correlation across the aggregated data, and presents an easily understood end-to-end visualization of video service performance. iVMS ASM alerts you when quality falls below customdefined thresholds, and dramatically simplifies your ability to identify and pinpoint the root cause – the key to identifying the teams or vendors (CDNs, encoders, etc.) to work with for performance restoration and optimization.

The Program Lineup Manager engine – PLM – provides quick and easy configuration of your acquisition elements to monitor the program assets that you are focused on, all from a central point. PLM dramatically reduces hours spent matching configurations between the network and monitoring systems, ensuring program identification and alarm template consistency across your Video Intelligence system.

The Consolidated Performance Analytics and Reporting engine – cPAR –aggregates iQ-collected video quality data over long periods – even years – from iVMS ASM to generate business intelligence (BI) reports based on iQ – collected Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) data. With cPAR, you can create and customize dashboards and trend-based reports to identify opportunities for improvement in your video operation.



A Single, Comprehensive View of your Video Operations
The power of a network increases with its connections. By distributing acquisition elements across your delivery pipeline and geographic footprint, you gain faster issue detection, reduced diagnostic time, and greater confidence in your operational quality. Visualizing all of this data from an asset or location perspective, all through a single pane of glass, lets you harness that power in real time– and easily collaborate with team members with access to the same network-wide video intelligence.

Industry-Leading Technology
These solutions leverage the patented VeriStream metric for network Quality of Service (QoS), and our proprietary non-reference iQ-MOS algorithm for Quality of Experience (QoE) scoring. These metrics provide a very simple to understand 1-5 score for your video quality, so you’ll spend less time finding insights, and more time optimizing your video operation.

Location-based Algorithms and Metrics
Unlike other “one size fits all” quality assurance solutions, IneoQuest’s acquisition elements collect different KPIs based on WHERE in the video pipeline the measurement is being done: Content inspection/iQ-MOS and Passive, 100% test coverage closer to the content sources; Network QoS/VeriStream and Active, “sampled” test coverage further downstream, closer to viewers. By combining these location-based metrics, a comprehensive, accurate view can be efficiently obtained.

Virtual or Appliance – Your Choice
All of the acquisition elements and iVMS ASM engine are available as either virtualized software or appliances to fit wherever your video measurement is needed. Appliance-based POPs, virtualized datacenters, cloud based infrastructure – we have a solution that fits.

Start Where Your Need is Greatest
If content quality and headend preparation is your key concern, start with Inspector LIVE or iQDialogue ASM. If network/CDN performance is your most urgent issue, start with Surveyors. Each element has its own browser interface for standalone operation.

Each FoQus Platform element offers flexible licensing, so you can start monitoring a small number of video assets, and increase asset support as your needs grow. In addition, new acquisition elements, can be easily integrated into iVMS ASM’s comprehensive view.

Financial Flexibility: OPEX, CAPEX, or both
FoQus Platform offerings can be tuned to your financial needs. Build your own FoQus platform, leverage a subscription-based model, or combine both into a “owned” foundation capability and a subscription-based “extended” capability which can all be managed through iVMS ASM.


· A single iVMS ASM-based intelligence system can collect data from hundreds of acquisition elements. Further scale is provided via the Consolidated Video Operations Center engine (cVOC)
· Supports Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Microsoft Smooth Streaming (MSS), Dynamic Adaptive Streaming (MPEG-DASH), and Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) stream packaging formats.
· Detects a broad spectrum of Adaptive streaming errors
· Encoding errors
· Content errors o Loudness o Closed captioning
· Real-time Live/Linear non-reference content scoring: iQ MOS
· Patented VeriStream QoS metric collection
· Impairment event tracking and aggregation (HTTP errors)
· Multiple power and Ethernet interface options for Appliances
· Acquisition Element License Scaling o Monitor from 50 to 600 different program asset variants (bit rates) from a single element instance.

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  • Support for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS),
  • MPEG-DASH (DASH), Microsoft Smooth Stream (MSS) and Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) packaging formats 
  • AES-128 support for HLS
  • Playlist error detection through dynamic parsing and conformance monitoring \
  • Monitoring and alarming of HTTP errors (HTTP 4xx, 5xx) 
  • Configurable Availability parameters 
  • Browser-based user console with multi-user access
  • Media File error detection
  • HLS stream playback for visual inspection
  • Remote Video Link (RVL) for stream transmission to remote players 
  • Configurable event trigger with 1GB packet capture buffer
  • Keyless QoS measurement of encrypted streams
  • Remote configuration storage

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Ineoquest Adaptive Bitrate Video/OTT Distribution