Huawei MA5608T


Access and Aggregation Integrated

  • Large aggregation capacity, 3.2T bit/s backplane capacity 960G bit/s switch capacity, 512K MAC addresses
  • High density GE/10GE interfaces for cascading, up to 36*10GE or 384*GE interfaces, no need for additional investment of aggregation switches
  • High reliability networking support direct connection to the BRAS, ONU dual-homing to two OLTs for redundancy and hitless software upgrade function Any Access
  • High performance IPTV service, more ISP access
  • H-QoS support 5-level QoS guarantees OLT wholesale
  • Traditional E1 service access, Native TDM or CESoP for traditional E1 service of enterprise and mobile base station access
  • E2E high reliability guarantees business customers and mobile backhaul, BFD/LAG/MSTP/RRPP/Smart Link for uplink redundancy and Type B/Type C/Type C dual-homing for fiber protection
  • E-LAN function for local traffic inter-connection, meet the requirements of enterprise and campus network Green
  • With the unique GPON chipsets, the maximum power consumption of the 8-port GPON line card is only 49W, 30% less than industry.
  • With the unique energy-saving bus, the idle service card and idle service port can be powered off.
  • Smooth Evolution
  • Smooth evolution from GPON to NGPON with the integrated platform
  • Smooth evolution from IPv4 to IPv6 with IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack, support IPv6 MLD

SmartAX MA5600T is the global first OLT which integrates the functionality of aggregation switch and edge router. It can provide high density GPON, 10GPON and Ethernet P2P optical access, triple-play service, TDM/ATM/Ethernet leased line services for business customers and mobile backhaul with high reliability and high precision clock, and high density GE/10GE interfaces for cascading remote access equipments. MA5600T helps to simplify network architecture, to improve network reliability and lower TCO essentially.
There are three types of frame of MA5600T series product. The large frame has 16 service slots while the middle frame (which named MA5603T) has 6 service slots, the small frame(which named MA5608T)has 2 service slots. The service card and software are all compatible between MA5600T, MA5603T and MA5608T.

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