• 1300 MHz support is a must for Docsis 3.1 compliancy
  • Cost efficient solution with a small form factor housing
  • Building on the well-reputed DKTCOMEGA passives
  • Superior screening efficiency, exceeding standards
  • Well-known superior performance
  • Class A + 10 dB screening attenuation
  • Support for 1300 MHz
  • Smaller form factor
  • Spring loaded PG11 contacts
  • 10A power passing
  • All-weather powder coated housing
  • Wall mounting as well as wire mounting possibilities

The Power Splitter Lite series is designed to meet the highest standards for power passing distribution passives while having a strong focus on CAPEX. Naturally the frequency range is set to meet Docsis 3.1 requirements. The housing is designed to be compact with the possibility for both wall and wire mounting. The electrical performance is in compliance with CENELEC’s highest standards just as in the case with the other DKT products. All Power Splitter models have spring-loaded terminals mounted on the PCB. So the PG11 adapter can be installed without dismounting the power splitter lid. Optionally, 5/8” adapters can be used with the use of reduction rings.

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