Arris Trans Max4100 RFoG repeater


More Customers, More Reach

  • Economically supports RFoG architectures beyond 20km with optical amplification

More Revenue in Less Time

  • The Trans Max TM4100 RFoG repeater (TM4100-R) can be segmented for smaller service groups and higher capacity per subscriber in conjunction with the CHP CORWave™ II multi-wavelength transmitters
  • Segmentation can be facilitated with a simple firmware download—no truck roll required 

Lowered OPEX

  • Parts commonality with the Opti Max™ OM4100 optical node reduces sparing and inventory SKUs
  • Allows easy field conversion from an OM4100 node to a TM4100–R configuration
  • Optional DOCSIS based HMS monitoring
  • Optional remote monitoring through CORView EMS for TM4100 products equipped with digital return transmitter

Reach More Customers with Longer Fiber Links

The TransMax TM4100 RFoG repeater (TM4100-R) is an essential part of an RFoG fiber network that optically amplifies signals for service groups located beyond traditional HFC networks, allfiber networks, or less densely populated areas where feeder fiber may be limited. In the downstream, it economically amplifies the optical signals to reach beyond 20km from the headend. It can operate on as little as a single transport fiber and provides up to 8 outputs that support 32 RFoG ONUs, for a total capacity of 256 subscribers. In the upstream, it receives, combines, and re-transmits the signals back to the headend for further processing, using digital return technology. No special RF accessories are required for set-up of the repeater— configuration and monitoring is done via the craft GUI. Optional remote monitoring through CORView EMS of TM4100 product with digital return transmitter (5-65/85 MHz currently) can reduce unplanned outages.

Generate Additional Revenue Through Segmentation Without Truck Roll

By using the CHP CORWave II multi-wavelength transmitters in conjunction with the TM4100-R, the single service group can be segmented in the downstream into 2 groups of 128 each or, in the upstream, 4 groups of 64 each to provide greater capacity or targeted content per service group if desired. If segmentation will be used in future as a network upgrade, theTM4100-R can be purchased as a segmented version and set initially for an unsegmented architecture, with the balance of the digital return link channels left inactive. When segmentation is required, the digital return link channels can be activated via a simple firmware download rather than a truck roll, saving deployment time and labor costs.

Lower OPEX with Reduced Inventory SKUs

Commonality with the OM4100 node reduces sparing and inventory SKUs of the housing, power supply modules, return transmitters, EDFA modules and interface board. This commonality also allows conversion from an OM 4100 node configuration to a TM4100-R if needed.

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Arris Trans Max4100 RFoG repeater