Arris Trans Max4100 optical amplifier


More Customers, More Reach

  • The TM4100-A provides C-Band optical amplication for reach up to 100 km in downstream architectures 
  • Allows for cascading architectures
  • Optional optical A/B switch module for support of redundant optical congurations 

Deploy Faster

  • Single unit accommodates up to 6 transport bers
  • Supports multiple wavelengths on as few as a single ber with CHP CORWave™ II multi-wavelength forward transmitters and bidirectional optics 

Lowered OPEX

  • Parts commonality with the Opti Max™ OM4100 optical nodes reduces sparing and inventory SKUs 
  • Allows easy eld conversion from an OM4100 node to a TM4100-A conguration 
  • Dual redundant load sharing power supplies 
  • Optional DOCSIS based HMS monitoring 
  • Optional remote monitoring through CORView EMS for TM4100 products equipped with digital return transmitter

Reach More Customers in Long Haul Networks

The Trans Max TM4100 C-Band optical ampliƒOer (TM4100-A) is an essential part of HFC long haul networks for optical ampliƒOcation of signals on links of up to 100 km. This ƒOeld optical ampliƒOer extends the reach of C-Band optical signals and can be cascaded in series. An optional optical A/B switch module provides high performance network protection and optical redundancy for improved customer Quality of Experience (QoE) by supporting redundant optical conƒOgurations. Functions include automatic, manual, and remote switching, and AC or DC redundant load-sharing power supplies. Optional remote monitoring through CORView EMS of TM4100 products with digital return transmitter (5-65-85 MHz currently) can reduce unplanned outages.

Faster Time to Revenue

A single TM4100-A can be conƒOgured to accommodate up to 6 transport ƒObers and supports bidirectional optical architectures for forward and return transport. When used with the CHP CORWave II forward transmitters, multiple wavelengths can be supported on as few as a single ƒOber if desired. Modules include single output with constant gain or constant power at 17 or 21 dBm, single output with constant gain at 20.5 and 23.5 dBm, or a dual output with constant power at 19 dBm per port. No special RF accessories are required for set up of the optical ampliƒOer ˇV conƒOguration and monitoring is done via the craft GUI. Customized optical passives platforms support a wide range of optical designs and facilitate ease of installation.

Lower OPEX with Reduced Inventory SKUs

Commonality with OM4100 optical nodes reduces sparing and inventory SKUs of the housing, power supply modules, return transmitters, EDFA modules, and interface board. This commonality also allows conversion from an OM4100 node conƒfiguration to a TM4100-A if needed.

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Arris Trans Max4100 optical amplifier