Arris Low Noise Return Path Receiver

  • Resilient operation for VoIP and business data applications
  • Integrated optical path and RF switching option
  • High RF output eliminates external amplifiers
  • Low noise option for RFoG applications with squelch function (CHP-L2RR)
  • High density system with up to 20 ports per 2RU chassis and up to 400 ports per 40RU rack
  • Simplified installation and control with graphical user interface
  • Universal management through Craft interface or CORView Lite (with SMM-1) and SNMP with HMS

Advanced two-way services—such as video on demand, high speed Internet access, and telephony—require superior return path delivery capacity and performance.

The ARRIS CHP Max dual return path receivers are an integral part of return path system applications and are available as standard, low noise, or redundant modules. They offer high RF output and high efficiency optical performance for excellent carrier-to-noise performance, and the redundant model allows either stand-alone or redundant operation.

For RFoG applications, the low-noise return receiver (CHP-L2RR) achieves the best distortion performance with a lower optical input range for longer distances. The receiver supports an optional dual window squelch function, which provides an attenuation of >35 dB when return path RF is below the preset RF threshold level. This improves overall link performance by reducing the noise contribution of combined receivers.

All of the CHP Max Dual Return Path Receivers accept two optical inputs in a single-wide module. Two receivers in one module means you can pack up to 20 receivers in one 2RU CHP Max5000 chassis to relieve the pressure on precious headend space as operators expand offering of advanced two-way services.

The redundant modules (CHP-R2RR) enable optical path and hardware protection for mission critical applications such as VoIP and business data provisioning. The integral optical and RF switches will alternate between diverse paths when an optical path or module hardware fault is detected. Switch time is less than 50 milliseconds to ensure telephony call hold time. Module pairs can reside in the same CHP Max5000 chassis or in separate chassis up to 6 meters (20 feet) apart through interconnection with the RCL2 cable.

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Arris Low Noise Return Path Receiver