Arris 1GHz Forward Path QAM Transmitters

  • Superior performance to facilitate 256-QAM digital channel transmission capability
  • 10 dBm optical output DWDM wavelengths available at odd ITU channels 21 through 61
  • Plug-in attenuators for RF gain control and front-panel RF testpoint for convenient monitoring
  • 1GHz technology
  • 10dBm output provides transmitter reach of up to 150km
  • Dual high isolation input
  • Downloadable firmware upgrades
  • Low profile footprint allows 200 transmitters in a standard rack
  • Universal local or remote management through Craft interface and SNMP with HMS

ARRIS CHP Max5000™ Advanced 1GHz QAM Transmitters are ideally suited to transport digitally encoded video (16/64/256-QAM) and QPSK data from the headend to a hub or node. These forward path transmitters can accept narrowcast QAM signals, telephony, etc. from 550 to 1002MHz and convert the RF input to an optical output at DWDM wavelengths available at odd ITU channels 21 through 61. The optical output power of 10dBm provides a transmitter reach of up to 150km when used in conjunction with an EDFA. CHP Max5000 1GHz transmitters are dual-input, 10dBm output, hot-swappable transmitters with integrated management through the local Craft GUI and remote management via SNMP HMS-compliant interface for external connection to an element manager.

The 1GHz transmitter’s dual-input capability provides isolation that is much superior to alternative offerings enabling the possibility to use „broadcast” QAM channels on one input, while using „narrowcast” QAM channels on the other input without cross-talk impairments.

The high isolation eliminates having to add external devices to achieve similar performances, thereby lowering CapEx even further and reducing system complexity. Up to 10 CHP Max5000 transmitters can reside in the 2RU CHP Max5000 chassis, with RF input and optical bulkhead connector access on the rear panel. Thus, a standard 40RU rack holds up to 200 CHP Max5000 transmitters, providing exceptional space efficiency and reducing operational costs.

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Bandwidth (Note 1) 550 to 1002 nm
Response Flatness, P-V, typ./max. (Notes 2,3) 1.0/2.0 dB
Response Tilt, max. (Note 2) ± 0.5 dB
Input Return Loss, min. (Note 2) 16 dB
Residual Spurs <65 dBc
Unit-to-Unit Isolation, min. >65 dB
Common Optical
Wavelength 1529 nm (ITU channel 61) to 1561 nm (ITU channel 21) Wavelength
Wavelength Drift 0.15 nm
Output Power, min./typ./max. 9.75/10.0/10.25 dBm
Powering <– 157 dBc/Hz
Power Consumption, max. 17.4 W
Channel Plan Up to 75 256-QAM channel
Nominal Total RF Input Power 37 dBmV for 33 digital QAM channel
Carrier-to-Intermodulation Noise, min. (Note 4) 63 dB
Bit error Rate (BER), min. (Note 5) 1 x 10 –6
Link Range (up to 150 km 30km      90 km    1 45 km
CNR, typ. (Notes 5, 6, 7) 51 dB      44 dB     41 dB
CTB, typ. (Notes 5, 6) –60 dBc –50 dBc –45 dBc


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